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Things have been fairly quiet on the old Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade front of late, because 2020 would have been our 10th Parade project. But due to the unprecedented circumstances around Covid-19, we had to make the sad decision to postpone our anniversary event.

But! Fear not! We’re not taking a break this year – the project means too much to us all. We put our thinking caps on to come up with something that has the spirit of Bemmy Lanterns but doesn’t involve thousands of us getting together in one space.

So for 2020, we’ll be doing a one-off community project to brighten up the winter streets of BS3, so we can celebrate our community safely.

Bemmy Lanterns Light Up 20

Bemmy Lanterns Light Up 20 is a special project supported by the Bedminster BID, local businesses and the community. Over the next few months we will be working with schools and community groups to create some really special pieces of work that will be displayed in 20 shop windows around North Street, East Street, Cannon Street and West Street.

The installations will light up BS3 on Thursday 10 December, and will be in place for a few days (exactly how long tbc), so that you lovely people can follow the trail and see the great artworks safely.

A note on staying safe

The safety of the community is our highest priority so we will be asking people to follow social distancing and any other Governmental guidelines when following the trail.

Guess what? We’re fundraising!

Even though we are not doing the traditional Parade project, we still need to raise some funds to make this project happen.

We’re re-opening our fundraising digibucket, so if any lovely citizens of BS3 and beyond would like contribute some electronic money beans, they can super easily.

We are also looking to see if any local businesses are in the position to give the project some support too. We’ll be setting up a Paypal for that too, so if you are interested in supporting us, get in touch by email or through our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Bemmy Lanterns will Light Up 2020!

  1. Another idea for fundraising perhaps a couple of the money collectors from previous years. We could take a bucket each and still social distancing we could go into the shops through North Street and East Street each of us take one shop each. Wearing face coverings and if people ask tell them about the trail. Just an idea I am offering my services

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