Only a week to go to the Lantern Parade! Are you excited? Back at #bemmlanterns HQ we are!


But what do you need to know to be fully Parade-ready?

Location, location, location

If you are taking part in the Parade with a school or community group, please meet at the agreed time and place in Brewery Court, just behind Mark’s Bread and the Bristol Beer Factory & Taproom.

If you are registered for the #bemmymix group, get yourself and your lanterns to the Lanterns HQ at the corner North Street and St Francis Road and then go join the group at 4pm and no later than 445pm.

If you aren’t registered to participate in the Parade, you are not covered by our Parade insurance, so you won’t be able to walk in the Parade this year. For your own safety please find yourself a good viewing spot and enjoy the lanterns and music.

What’s the route?

The route is the same as last year, with the schools and community groups starting out from Brewery Court, just by Marks Bread.

The Parade follows our usual route down North Street and Canon Street, and then we turn right just after the London Inn and continue along British Road. As ever, the Parade finishes up at South Street outside Compass Point School for a snack and hot drink, some splendid fireworks and the chance to get a close-up look at the lanterns.

I know the where, what about the when?

 The main roads on the route will be closed to traffic from 4pm, so you can enjoy the event without traffic getting in the way. You’ll have a bit of time before the start of the Parade to soak up the BS3 atmosphere and check out the bands at a few key locations on the route (you can see where and when they are in the map above, or in this post, but do make sure you find a good viewing spot before the event kicks off.

The Parade starts a bit after 5pm and will wind up about an hour later. The firework display is set to go off after everyone has had a chance for a drink etc when the get in. Check in with our socials to for final confirmation of timings this week.

What looks will be turning heads at the Parade?

Fashionable, yet practical is the look to go for. Warm and and comfortable clothing, with sensible footwear a must. It will be dark and chilly and nobody’s got time for a chill.


How do you stay safe on the day?

Safety is the most important thing – literally the most important thing – to the Committee and we have worked to make the Parade safe for everybody.


As mentioned before, the Parade route will be closed to traffic from 4pm-7pm, and we have recruited volunteers to act as marshals along the way.

Here’s how you can keep you and yours safe too.

Firstly, absolutely no unaccompanied children. Please keep any smallfolk close by you at all times.

If you are a taking part in the Parade, make sure you stay with your group and follow the instructions from the marshals who are walking with you. Please follow any directions from the Parade stewards – they are there to help make sure the Parade goes smoothly and safely.
Finally, please follow any instructions the Route Masters, Safety Officer or Parade Leader give you.


If you are not a registered participant, please don’t join the Parade. It is dangerous to do so and causes total chaos.

Please don’t cut through the Parade – even if you see friends or family on the other side – just wait until the Parade has passed. If you are watching the Parade with children, please keep them with you on the edge of the route, and don’t let them nip into the Parade.

Hungry? Thirsty, need to buy stuff?

Bedminster is full of nice places to shop, grab a bite to eat or have a drink. Make sure you remember you pocket money so you can so make the most of your afternoon. There are also some refreshment points on British Road and at Compass point, including the fantastic Hopper Coffee Van.

We are, once again, collecting donations during the Parade – you will see some super bucket-carrying Parade volunteers walking along the route. Keep an eye out for the buckets and bung your donation in as they go past.

Or you can donate electronically here, if the feeling takes you:

Are pets allowed?

Our pets are part of our family and we love being with them, but they won’t love the event.

There’s no rule against you bringing along your pet, but it will be very noisy and crowded and the fireworks at the end will make it more so. Maybe leave them at home if you are worried.


I’m in a sharing mood. I gotta share some stuff.

Get social with us then! Our hashtags this year are #bemmylanterns and #bwlp , so feel free to go nuts with the pix and vids and tweet us (@bemmylanterns), share to our Facebook page (bemmylanterns), tag us on Instagram (@bemmylanterns), or even email us at


See you on the 11th January!

Love from the #bemmylanterns team