Volunteers, your bemmylanterns team needs

We’re a short 7 weeks away from the start of the Lantern Parade, but there’s a long way to go before we’re all set.

We need brains and brawn on the day to help us make the event run smoothly, because the #bemmylanterns team is actually very small, and we just can’t do it all ourselves.

In return for donating some of your time, you’ll get major good vibes of doing something awesome and doing this sort of thing can be ace for CVs and Uni applications as well. 

What do you need?

Glad you asked.  We’ve got a few areas that need help on the day.  If you are free for the whole afternoon or only for an hour or so, we would love your help. 

Road Stewards

To make sure we manage the people and the roads safely, we need volunteer stewards.  The parade is going to be bigger again this year, so we needed 70 stewards.  50 lovely people have offered their services so far, but we still need another 20, or we’ll be in diffs.

Event runners

We need 3 superheroes to help us with practical parts of the show.  1 to help Malcolm, who co-ordinates the setting off of all the different groups into the parade at the beginning, 1 to help Stef who is the big boss of the end of the show up at Compass Point, and 1 to help Jazz manage the musicians across the route.  

Bucket Collectors

One of the key ways we raise the money to make this happen is a crack squad of ninjas who zoom through the crowd with buckets for the joyous public to chuck their spare dosh in.  We need about 10 Bucket Ninjas to have us in with a chance of raising the money we need.

Roadies and riggers

If you fancy a bit of a workout, we need people to help with the technical management of the finale at Compass Point. 

If any of these spots spark your interest, give us a shout via email at info@bwlp.org.uk, or hit us up through our Facebook page.