Thursday 22 October 2020

Malcolm Brammar (Chair)
Stef Brammar (Secretary)
Claire Tavener (Treasurer)
Jackie Smith
Sarah Herbertson
Alan Comiskey, Lucy Ackland
Jon Landeryou

  1. Chair’s report
    The Chair welcomed the group and asked if there were any questions regarding his annual report. There were none. The group wishes to record their gratitude for his commitment, dedication and hard work over the past 10 years.

  2. Financial update
    The end of year accounts for 2019/20 were not available to the meeting: they are with the accountant, and due to COVID issues have been delayed. The Secretary will circulate them as soon as possible. However, as the Chair pointed out, the frequent steering group meetings are updated on finance on a regular basis. All income is spent on BWL activities, with only a small remainder in the account from one year to the next.

  3. Future changes to the legal status of BWL
    The Secretary reminded members that she had previously circulated the intention of Way Out West to become a CIC (Community Interest Company): the main reason being the scale of the operational budget coupled with a recognition of the need for Directors’ Liability cover, the increasing size of the operation and the of the budget . BWL is a project within WOW. 4 members of the BWL steering group have expressed an interest in becoming directors of the CIC. The Secretary will circulate final documentation before she submits it for approval to the legislator.
    AC requested that advice be sought on the liability position of non-directors who are performing management and operational roles within the BWL project. The Secretary agreed to pursue this.

  4. Election of Officers
    Chair: SB nominated Ade Williams, SH seconded
    Secretary: LA nominated SB, AC seconded
    Treasurer: JS nominated SH, SB seconded
    The group asked that their gratitude to Claire Tavener for her dedication and commitment as Treasurer over the past 10 years be recorded. SB asked in particular that her own thanks for the support CT has given be minuted.

  5. Confirmation of other steering group members, plus election of new
    There were no resignations, and so the group (apart from the 3 officers listed above) continues to be:
    Jackie Smith
    Alan May
    Celia Phipps
    Jon Landeryou
    Caroline King
    Martin Floyd
    Jazz Basma
    Ed Fairbanks
    Lorraine Fairbanks
    Alan Comiskey
    Malcolm Brammar
    Matt Gibbs

    JS wishes to propose a new member who has expressed interest and
    commitment. She agreed to ask him for an A4 sheet detailing his interest and any relevant experience.

  6. Appointment of accountant and legal advisor
    It was agreed that the Secretary would make contact with Colin Griffin
    (accountant) and Beverley Watkins (solicitor) to ask whether they wish to
    continue in these roles.

  7. AOB
    CP has been exploring the relevant City Council funding options, and
    suggested a future discussion be given sufficient time. CK reported that the Paypal account is up and running and has begun to receive donations.