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Support the Bemmy Lanterns Light Up 20 project

One thing is certain, in 2020 – this winter is going to be very very different.  Are you thinking about sponsoring the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade Project and wondering how your business or group would benefit from supporting us?  There are so many great reasons!

9-in-10 local people say the Lantern Parade makes them feel more positive towards the area. By sponsoring the project, everyone will know that you are part of the vital and inclusive community that is BS3.

Since the project began, tens of thousands of children have had their moment in the light.

The Parade attracts roughly 5,000 people to BS3 each event day. That’s some serious footfall, and some serious profile-raising opportunities for all businesses in the area.

2/3 of people who visit BS3 regularly are more likely to use our sponsors because they make the Lantern Parade project happen.

Our sponsors love being part of the Parade

Check the images below to hear from a couple of our long-time friends and supporters think of the project.

Barcan Kirby, 2019 Leading Lights

Despite the windy weather on Saturday, we had a fantastic evening showing off Dr Dottapus at the Bedminster Winter Lanterns parade.

We were proud to be a Leading Light for the event, which lights up the streets of #Bedminster in a celebration of creativity and community.

– Barcan Kirby Team

Bedminster Pharmacy, 2019 Band Partners

Events like the Lantern Parade are awe-inspiring. Young and old, working in partnership to organise, participate and support, is the unique Bemmy Spirit.

– Ade Williams




We really need your help

We are only able to do what we do with the help of local businesses and community groups, but  2020 has been a strange year for us all, and we understand that everyone is dealing with unique situations, so we have decided to make it as easy as possible to support the project.

Pay what you can to support the project

For this project, we don’t have any tiered sponsor packages.  Instead we are asking for a suggested donation of £100.   

If you’d rather have a chat about how you want to support the project send us an email.



Easily show how much you love the project, and get some love back from us in return.

  • Your logo and links on our website.
  • Shouts out on our social media and newsletters.
  • Your name on the 2020 Thank You list.
  • An official sponsor window sticker.

Or make a private donation

Because every little helps.

If you’d like to make a private contribution, just click on the button to donate with Paypal.