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Will you help us celebrate our 10th?

This year, more than ever, we are determined to light up our streets in a celebration of the creativity, inclusivity and wonderful spirit of BS3.

And we can’t do it without the support of local businesses and groups who help make the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade Project a reality.

Did you know that by supporting the project you will be…

9/10 local people say the project makes them feel more positive towards the area. By sponsoring the project, you will be directly helping us all celebrate our vital and inclusive community. And we need this right now.

Kids from across the whole of BS3 get involved in this inclusive creative project, and get their moment in the light when they show the world their fantastic lanterns.

The project sees roughly 5,000 visitors to BS3 each event day. That’s a great opportunity to remind people why they should visit, eat, drink and shop and move to this fantastic neighbourhood.

2/3 of people who visit BS3 regularly are more likely to use our sponsors because they make the Lantern Parade project happen.

Our sponsors love being part of the Parade

Check the images below to hear from a couple of our long-time friends and supporters think of the project.

Barcan Kirby, 2019 Leading Lights

Despite the windy weather on Saturday, we had a fantastic evening showing off Dr Dottapus at the Bedminster Winter Lanterns parade.

We were proud to be a Leading Light for the event, which lights up the streets of #Bedminster in a celebration of creativity and community.

– Barcan Kirby Team

Bedminster Pharmacy, 2019 Band Partners

Events like the Lantern Parade are awe-inspiring. Young and old, working in partnership to organise, participate and support, is the unique Bemmy Spirit.

– Ade Williams



Choose how you want to help

We know that in these unprecedented times one size won’t fit all. We’ve put together a few options, so you can choose which one will work best for you.

If you would like to support us, just click the button on the level you have chosen, fill in the details on the pre-populated email and hit send.

We will grab that email and will get in touch with you asap!

And if you have any questions, just email us at info@bwlp.org.uk – we’ll be so pleased to help you out.


Up to £50

Easily show how much you love the project, and get some love back from us in return:

  • Shouts out on our social media and newsletters.
  • Your name on the Big Thank You list.


Up to £100

By chooosing the Support option, you’ll get all the love from Friend, plus:

  • Your logo and links on our website.
  • An official sponsor window sticker.



You want a little more visibility for your business? Look no further. With this option you will get everything in Supporter, plus:

  • Branding on project administrative materials.
  • Presence on comms to schools & community groups.
  • A promotional profile about you on our website, with links to your website/social media feeds.
  • Mentions in our PR and social media activity.
  • The use of the sponsor logo and event logo on your website, social media and any other promotional material.

Band Partner


If you are a music fan that wants to get some hands-on involvement in the project this could be the one for you. With this option you will get everything in Sponsor, plus:

  • Twinning with one of our four official Parade Bands.
  • Inclusion as “Band Partner” on all relevant promotion activity.
  • You and your team invited to a workshop to build your own lantern.
  • Carry your lantern (or a sign with your logo on it) in the Parade.
  • Be interviewed in a promotional video for the project.



Illuminate your business by becoming a major sponsor. With this option you will get
everything in Sponsor, plus:

  • Participation in the Parade in a prominent position.
  • Prestige branding on all our promotional materials.
  • An in-depth article on our website.
  • Be interviewed in a promotional video for the project.
  • Your logo on any promotional videos.

Parade Partner


If your organization would like to be in a close partnership with the Parade project, we would love to talk with to you. We are very flexible, so lets have a chat about the visibility we can give you as a Parade Partner. Drop us a line at info@bwlp.org.uk.

Or make a private donation

Because every little helps.

If you’d like to make a private contribution, just click on the button to donate with Paypal.