Well, we’ve ‘been and done it’!

 As hundreds of people will testify, this year’s Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade was a huge success. What other event has all our local schools participating over 3 months, not only in making the finished shapes, but by parading them around crowd-lined Bedminster streets? How often do you see a giant octopus making its way down North Street behind a band dressed in pink? What other project involves people of all ages, local groups, organisations and even some businesses lending a helping hand to make it happen?And what other event can deliver Bedminster’s biggest lantern, the winter glowing Cameron Balloon?

Well it took a lot of hard work from a small team of volunteers and we couldn’t have done it without the assistance of our sponsors – our thanks to them – and our thanks to you if you dropped some money into our collecting boxes to ensure we could pay all our costs this time round!


It all seems to have been worth it. Here are some comments we’ve received over the last few days

“What a fab procession it was! A tribute to our community”  Helen

“No road closure, just sharing the space”  Alice

“So exciting, such beautiful lanterns”  acta


And even one from Bristol’s Mayor

“Brilliant Bedminster …..well done the schools and helpers involved – a real triumph” George


So where do we go from here? Well we’ve surely got to make the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade part of the annual local calendar but we’re going to need more people to help organise it and crucially more money from sponsors to pay for it. If you fall into either of those categories please get in touch in the usual way:  info@way-out-west.org  

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