The Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade

11 years of celebrating the BS3 community!


The lantern project hasn’t gone away: we’re as committed as ever to creative a colourful, imaginative, inclusive way to light up and celebrate the BS3 community! But the team of committed volunteers have decided they need a break to review and rethink how we can run the project in the future.

We are hugely grateful for the generous support of local businesses and individuals who have helped make the project happen up until now, but we do need time to explore the future financial sustainability of the project, as well as look at how to best encourage people living in BS3 to get involved in what has become one of the largest community projects in Bristol.

We’ll keep you posted on plans for 2024 once we’re ready, through our social media and local press:


We are a non-profit community project in Bristol BS3, working with schools, residents & businesses over 3 months in the autumn to build thousands of lanterns for the annual parade… and the biggest street party in town!
  • 11 Brilliant Years! To Date!
  • 5000 Visitors
  • 10 Local Schools
  • An Army Of Volunteers!

Celebrating the creativity, inclusivity and the wonderful spirit of BS3.